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Allie Peach
Allie Peach
Food Educator

About the instructor

Hi, I'm Allie! I'm so excited for you to be here! Goodness knows I've been in your shoes, busy woman! And if your daily life resembles mine in any way -- with two toddlers, a household, and a business to maintain -- it can seem impossible sometimes to feel like you're taking the best care of your family, let alone yourself. I've been there, wondering how time constraints, money management, health goals, and picky eaters can all fit into one meal plan without making you crazy.

My home cooking expertise is built on a foundational love for food and for the experience of a shared meal. I began cooking at the age of nine and have been developing, even since those early days, a profound and emotionally charged longing for this generation to get back into the kitchen. That's why I created this course -- to teach you that it is possible to cook real food for your family and nourish your friends, even if you don't know where to begin.

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Course Contents

7 Videos
1 Survey
5 PDFs
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1.5 hrs

Course Curriculum

Welcome to SEAMLESS
Making Much of Little
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